1+1= The Sum Of All Fear

Fear, though we all say we hate to be afraid, is actually one of the main attractions that keeps us coming back to this planet for life after life.

When we’re at home on the other side, being the eternal beings that we are, there is nothing to fear, so in order to experience that particular human emotion, we incarnate here on earth. A little masochistic? Maybe. But you have to admit, the reason people go on rollercoasters and see scary movies because they want to get that thrill of seemingly facing death and surviving.

Anyway, while the psychiatric community recognizes hundreds of types of fear as “phobias”, or fears that cause physical reactions, I recently read that other scientists believe that we are born with only 2 innate fears: the fear of loud noises, and the fear of falling. Both of those could be put in the category of survival fears, which brings me to todays lesson, children.

The folks on the other side say there are only 2 types of fears we come here to experience, and they are the aforementioned survival fears and programmed fears.

Survival fears are the ones that, as the name suggests, keep us alive, and they have been held in our subconscious since time began. The loud noise fear would make us run from sabre tooth tigers or anything that wanted to make us their dinner, and the fear of falling would keep us from taking a header off the edge of a cliff at the entrance to our cave. Other survival fears would be things like fear of being alone, which prevented us from wandering away from our tribe, and fear of being different, which might cause our tribe to shun us and eject us into the wild unknown.

Our subconscious still holds these fears and uses them to accomplish it’s mission, which is to keep us safe and alive so we can live these earth lives for as long as possible and complete the life plans we wrote for ourselves.

Which is all well and good, except that the subconscious can exert such a strong influence on our decision making at times that it can hold us back from advancing on our spiritual journeys. It can be that little nagging voice in the back of your head that says, “are you sure you want to take that chance? It might not be safe.” And as anyone who has lived any amount of time can tell you, if you never take a chance, you’ll never know how far you can go. No guts, no glory, am I right?

So with a little internal dialogue, you can convince your subconscious that everything will be ok, and it can come along on your new adventure and continue to protect you.

The other type of fear, programmed fear, is horse of a different color, and one that can give us all kinds of problems.

Programmed fears are the ones that we learn as we’re growing up and carry with us in our everyday consciousness, and often we don’t even realize we have them or where they came from. Unfortunately, they can hold us back from any number of experiences that move us along in our growth.

As a young person, were you afraid to stay out late? Was it because you’re grandma always said nothing good ever happened after 9 PM? How many chances to experience life did you miss because that fear was handed to you and then programmed into you brain? Does that whole thing refer back to grandma getting pregnant in the back seat of a car one night? Perhaps. And she never wanted the same thing to happen to you, but instead of just giving you some solid advice about dating, she programmed a fear into you that really had nothing to do with you.

And most of us had that happen dozens if not hundreds of times while growing up. For that reason, when you identify that you are afraid of something, and it is preventing you from growing spiritually, you need to take time to sit down and reason out not only what it is you’re afraid of, but where that fear came from. Chances are it is something that was handed to you by the people that were around you when you were a child, and it doesn’t belong to you or have any relevance in your life.

That’s the good news! Once you understand that there are really only 2 types of fear, and you take time to analyze what they are and how they are affecting you emotionally, you can tame those suckers, and move forward along your spiritual path.

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Until next time, love and light.