A Spiritual Permission Slip


We can all remember when we were kids in school that sometimes a field trip or similar event would be announced by our teacher, and that in order to participate, we had to take a permission slip home and have it signed by mom or dad and return it ASAP so we could join in the fun.

And we desperately wanted to join in the fun, because we just knew that all of our friends would be going, and if we didn’t get to go we would die of the shame of not being one of the gang.

Yes, kids can be little drama queens, but if you truly look at your own life, especially if you are starting or continuing on a spiritual journey, how much have you changed since you were that little kid?

Don’t you still feel like you need to be part of a like-minded group? Don’t you still feel like you might become physically ill or die if your little gang thinks you’re weird and starts to shun you? Don’t you still feel like you need permission from somebody or something before you can change what you believe to be true about the way the universe functions?

I think it’s quite possible for many, especially those in the beginning stages of a spiritual journey, to be holding on to a lot of those old feelings left over from childhood, which is perfectly normal.

Sometimes we all have to go through a lot of struggle to figure out exactly where the thoughts and beliefs we have that are holding us back originated, and then even more struggle to change them after we do.

So where to start?

Once again, Jasper to the rescue. Riding a white stallion and looking a lot like the Lone Ranger, he enters my head and hands me a simple piece of paper that he says requires my signature.

I say, whoa, big fella. (Notice the horse reference. I like to stick with the theme Jasper presents.)

I’m not as dumb as I look. (Hysterical laughter from Jasper.) I don’t sign my name to anything unless I know what I’m signing.

I get eye rolls and accusations of being the drama queen I mentioned before from him.

I say I’m not the one who chose to ride in on a white stallion in a Lone Ranger get-up, if you want to talk about being a drama queen.

Sort of the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it Jasper?

Honestly, some days I wonder how we get anything accomplished.

Anyway, he says the paper I need to sign is a spiritual permission slip that allows me to alter my belief system to include all of his spiritual teachings, and most especially to trust him to love me unconditionally and want only the best of outcomes for me. For those of you that have been reading my stuff for awhile, this is the ABT I write about.

Can it be that simple? Can writing yourself a permission slip to allow yourself to change and then signing it really unlock some of the doors you haven’t been able to get through on your spiritual journey?

Jasper and I both say emphatically YES!

Can it hurt to try it? Jasper and I say emphatically NO!

So do it now. Get out a piece of paper and write on it, “I, enter your name, do hereby give myself permission to believe new things and trust myself in the form of my spirit guide to show me what the new things are.”

If nothing else, it’s a good place to start thinking about how you want to change your life.

Want to learn more about my spiritual journey with Jasper? Go to my blog page at www.thecollegeofspiritualknowledge.com

Until next time, I wish you love and light.