Chef Jasper And The Three Layer Cake

As most of you that read my stuff know, my guide Jasper likes to play dress-up as much as possible. He insists it’s for teaching purposes, I think it’s because he’s a Cher wannabe, but whatever.

For this particular lesson, he showed up as a pastry chef with the biggest chef’s hat imaginable. Why a big hat? Because he can. Anyway, he had a huge cake with white icing on a cake stand with him, which he proceeded to slice in half down the middle. When he separated the 2 parts of the cake, I could see that it was in 3 layers, and the cake was green. Why a green cake? Because he can. Weren’t you paying attention before?

He said the 3 layers of the cake represented the three parts of us when we are incarnated for an earth life, with the top layer being our guides on the other side, the middle layer being our incarnated self, and the bottom layer being our subconscious.

And as an example of how Jasper likes to screw with me, after I just published a book about spirit or soul guides, (Guidespeak, available on this website), (shameless plug), he said the guides would really prefer to be known as our higher self, and our self should be called our present self, and our subconscious would prefer baser self, because those names better describe how the pieces of our soul are related.

Like everybody else, I’m learning new things everyday, so from now on, this triple decker sandwich of life will be called the higher self, present self, and baser self.

So back to the cake. Jasper said to see the 3 layers as separate but always connected by icing between the layers, and all 3 when covered in icing look like one entity from the outside.

Problems can arise when the icing between the layers is not evenly distributed, such as if the icing is too thick between the present and higher self. In that case, communication between those 2 can be slow and difficult, making it harder for your higher self to help move you along in your journey. If the icing between the present self and the baser self is too thin, it can allow the baser self to fill the present self with too many fears and doubts, and also prevent progress on your spiritual path.

Luckily, the present self always has control of the amount of icing between layers at any given time, so by learning to know yourself, you can limit the fear coming from your baser self and thin the veil between the present self and the higher self.

And, Jasper says, never forget that all the layers are covered in thick frosting, so if the higher self can’t get through directly, it can travel down and come up through the baser self. It just won’t be as clear and easy to understand. Often times when we have dreams that give us insight on a situation we’re unsure about, it’s the higher self sending a message through that channel.

I don’t know about you, but I can hear Little Debbie calling my name from the nearest supermarket, so until next time, love and light.

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