Costume Changes

As any of you that follow me on social media or read my books know, my higher self, Jasper, is a huge fan of all things theatrical.

Old movies, classic TV, vintage cartoons, and especially Broadway shows are all his favorite playground. Not the newer, weirder stuff. The really good old ones with a lot of tap dancing, singing and always a happy ending.

On that subject we are in complete agreement. For once.

So when he was trying to get the lesson I’m about to share with you through my thick skull, he of course resorted to showing me some numbers from big, elaborate costume shows, notably¬†Show Boat.

An oldie but a goodie.

He used one of the lesser known songs from the show, which is “Life Upon the Gilded Stage”, which even I had to go to YouTube to see to refresh my memory.

If you want to go there and see it now, go ahead. I’ll wait.

Back? OK. The song basically says that being in the theater and wearing costumes ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Jasper’s point is that clinging to your old life, the one you’re trying to change, simply because you like the wardrobe you are currently wearing is never a good idea.

For me personally, I’ve been wearing the same “clothes” for about 40 years. People know me in those clothes, and respect what I do while I’m wearing those clothes, so for me to take them off and walk into a new life naked, (not literally, god forbid!), but without the protection of my usual clothes, carries a lot of fear with it.

Will anyone know me without my old clothes? Will people like and respect me without my old clothes? Will I have any credibility without my old clothes?

All valid, albeit stupid fears.

You are never the clothes, or costume, you choose to wear. Your appearance is only the way you present yourself to the world. It reflects the way you want to be perceived by other people, and a lot of the time it’s actually shaped by the world you have to live in. For me to wear a Viking horned helmet to do the work I do would be deemed wildly inappropriate and result in a loss of professional respect and most probably a loss of employment.

So I keep my Viking helmet at home, waiting for the day I can find the tribe that will think it hysterically funny that I like to wear it when Jasper wants to teach a lesson about being brave,fearless and off to conquer new worlds.

What Jasper is saying is that if you want to wear new clothes that will help you identify and find your new tribe, whoever and whatever that may be, you have to be willing to take off all the costumes you’ve been wearing that no longer define who you are and walk naked, (again, not literally!), into a life where you can start trying on new clothes that will fit you more comfortably.

Even Viking helmets if you want one.

Don’t be afraid to be like my girl Cher and change your costumes 10 or 12 times in an hour and a half. It’s your life and it may take that many costume changes to finally find the one that feels right!

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As always, I wish you love and light.