Fear. It’s Why We’re Here.

I’ve written a lot about fear, but that’s mostly because for the first part of my current incarnation, I was filled with fears, both rational and irrational, so I had to work through all of that stuff before I could start to put it all behind me and advance in my spiritual journey.

One of the biggest things about fear that I had, and I’m sure most of you have, trouble wrapping our puny human minds around is that the single most important reason we all incarnate on this tiny little planet is to experience fear. When we’re at home on the other side with access to all the knowledge in the universe and surrounded by unconditional love, we have nothing to fear. We know we are immortal. We don’t inhabit these frail human bodies, so we don’t fear illness or death. We can know that we all are equally awesome beings, so there is no fear of being “less than”.

All in all, it’s a wonderful life. Sorry for the Christmas movie reference. Must be the holiday music I’ve been hearing since the day after Halloween.

But I digress.

We are on the other side living a perfect life, but because those of us that choose to incarnate here are kind of like adrenalin junkies, we start to get a little bored. We ask ourselves, what would it be like to be hungry or tired or afraid? What would it feel like to experience the death of someone we loved dearly? What would it feel like to have a prolonged illness and face our own deaths? What would it feel like to be a minority and face hatred and discrimination?  All without the knowledge of our real lives on the other side.

So like Tom Cruise and his buddies in Top Gun, we feel the need, the need for speed, so we start planning an earth life to experience some of the aforementioned things to feed our appetite for the kind of excitement we can’t experience at home.

Sound like we’re all a little bit crazy? We are. But if you need proof that what I say is true, you don’t have to look any further than the holiday we just had, Halloween. All across the country, amusement parks, abandoned houses and even empty fields are turned into scary places where people actually pay money to be frightened out of their minds, because their daily lives are so filled with humdrum that they need a little adrenaline boost.

Personally, I think watching the TV news should be scary enough, but because it just repeats itself ad nauseum, it becomes more numbing than frightening.

But I digress. Again.

It would be more accurate to compare living an earth life to playing a video game, because at the heart of all of them, the object is to acquire skills, move up levels, and try not to be killed. Though it doesn’t matter much if you die because you can always get another life and start the game over. In that way, video games exactly reflect the way the universe works, because you are always learning new skills with every level of the game, and when you die, you reincarnate and get another chance to do things a little differently, using the tools you acquired during the last go-round.

So how do you cope with the fears in your life? First and foremost, you have to identify them. You have to name it to claim it, as they say. And that can be a long and complicated process.

Fortunately, (here comes the blatant book plug), I wrote a book detailing my struggles entitled Clearing The Track, which is available on my web site. Hopefully by reading it you will gain insight in how to deal with your fear.

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Until next time, I wish you love and light.