Finding Your Jasper

If you’ve been following anything I’ve been writing in the last 3 or 4 years, then you no doubt are aware of Jasper.

He started out as this random energy that appeared at a past life regression I was having with my friend Barb Ruhl, and rapidly progressed to being my spirit guide, then my soul guide, then my higher self. Of course, he was all those things before I even realized he was with me all the time, and has been a part of all my incarnations.

In reality, he is the 90% of me that I leave behind on the other side when I decide to come here for another earth life. As such, he knows me even better than I know myself, because he holds all the knowledge and memories of every thing I have ever done and learned during my incarnations.

Most importantly, he holds the plan I made for this life before I came here, so he knows what I was hoping to learn and accomplish this time around. In knowing every detail of the plan, he can point me in the direction I want and need to go to fulfill my dreams.

If only I would listen to him!!!

That is the main complaint of all our higher selves. When we’re here in these human bodies, we think we have to play this game of life all on our own, or we have to follow all the rules set down by someone who claims to have direct access to the will of god, when truly we have to answer to no one but ourselves. It’s much easier to blame everybody and everything around you for your life not being what you want it to be than to look inside and take responsibility for ourselves.

But I digress.

Even though I have attained a certain amount of integration with Jasper to make communication easier between us, there is really nothing special about me. And Jasper would be the first one to agree with that statement!

It took a lot of time and a lot of very difficult soul searching to decide what I believed and trusted, but I finally got to the place where I was secure in my understanding of how the universe really works, enough to be able to share the knowledge with whoever is ready to hear it.

And here comes the shameless plug for my latest book, Guidespeak, available on this website. In it, I detail everything I know about soul guides and how to get in touch with them. We all have them, and they are all waiting patiently on the other side for us to connect with them so they can help us in our spiritual journeys.

Finding your Jasper is not as difficult as you think, and my book can help you.

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Wishing you love and light ’til next time.