For My Self, I Shall

I’ve written before about how we all need to revise our definition of selfish, away from the one we were taught as children, which was that it was a bad thing, toward a more updated one. which is that putting yourself first is not only essential to living a rich, full life, but an absolute necessity before you can give of yourself to others.

I’ve also written before about how much I enjoy crosswords, anagrams, and most especially, America’s game, Wheel of Fortune, with the ever lovely Vanna White. Check your local listings.

So I was thrilled when my friends on the other side recently gave me a new way to tell people about how they think about the love of self.

You take the word “selfish” and put it in the middle of a new phrase, which is, for my SELF I SHall.

By doing that, you can focus on what is important for you and your spiritual growth.

For example, you can say, for my self, I shall learn to love myself unconditionally. Or, for myself, I shall learn to set goals and move toward them. Or, for myself, I shall do whatever I need to do to be in closer contact with my soul guide.

The possibilities are endless, but everything you decide that you shall do for yourself should be something that will increase your spirituality and help you move toward your goals, otherwise you are not working on unleashing the unlimited power of self that resides within you.

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Sending you love and light til next time.