Having “It”

So here’s something that is going to sound crazy, not that a lot of the things I write about don’t sound crazy, but this may be crazier than usual.

Everybody on the planet wants something, an “it”, whether it is something simple like food and water, or something more complex, like big houses, fast cars and cash. Most people reading this blog I think would fall closer to the latter group. All of us believe if we just had “it”, the perfect job, the perfect mate, the perfect home, and without question, more money, we would be happy all the time, and never want another “it”.

I’m convinced that even though I believed the same thing for many years of my current earth life, it really isn’t the getting of “it” that brings peace and contentment. It’s acquiring the feelings that surround the getting and having of “it” that make you truly happy, for a couple of reasons.

First, everyone has their own version of what their own personal “it” would be. Some might be happy with a little two bedroom ranch house, while others would only be happy with a 20 room mansion. Yet the feelings of fulfillment and joy that they both would experience are exactly the same. Both have gotten their “it”.

But here is the big twist. Once we’ve gotten our own personal “it”, our “it” will change. The person that got the rancher may now want the 20 room mansion, and the person that got the mansion may want another one in a different place where they can vacation.

And that’s the way it’s supposed to be from a spiritual standpoint. Barb’s guide Ella recently said that our journeys are never about the destination, because when we get to what we think is our destination, our destination will change, and we’ll have a whole new goal. Our learning only comes from the journey we’re on, that’s why our destination keeps changing.

That’s the second reason the feelings you develop are important. No journey, no learning.

So I know what you’re thinking. Well, if I never get to my goal or destination, what’s the use of even going on the journey? It’s frustrating and depressing to even think about.

Save the drama for your mama. You will get to your goal, but by the time you get there it will have changed into something bigger and better. You may say that your goal is to make a specific amount of money, and once you make it, you’re afraid you won’t make that much again. That’s true, because if you’re on the right path you won’t make that much again, you’ll make more!

No matter what each of us considers our “it” to be, our collective goal should be to let our guides into our lives so they can direct us on our journeys, allowing us to take some time to enjoy the ride and learn what we can along the way.

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As always, I wish you love and light.