Insanity Redefined

We’ve all heard that one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting the outcome to be different. That is especially true in a spiritual sense.

We all have those friends or relatives that experience bad relationships, or bad jobs, or any type of life scenario that as humans we would consider to be “bad”.

And what do they always say when their lives come crashing down around them? All together now: “why does this keep happening to me???”

These things keep happening to them because they refuse to look at what is causing the problem, and then change they way they approach it. It’s much easier to just keep doing what you’ve been doing, regardless of the unwanted outcome, because in order to change you have to do some inner work, some soul searching, and figure out exactly what is causing you to be resistant to change.

To make things even more complicated, your subconscious is going to do all it can to keep you on your current path, because it fears change even more than you do. It’s quite comfortable walking in the same rut, because it’s familiar territory, and it knows how to deal with everything that it encounters there.

Since pretty much everyone is aware of that first definition of insanity I gave, but continues to ignore it, my friends on the other side said it was time to try a new interpretation and see if it resonate with more people. So here it goes: The new definition of insanity as it relates to spiritual matters is being a willful participant in your own unhappiness.

We all know that we are the only ones that can decide if we’re going to be happy or not, but if the people around you are hindering you from being able to move in that direction, it’s time to change the people you surround yourself with. Otherwise, you will be complicit in your own insanity.

In other words, if some of your family and friends are literally making you crazy, it’s time to recast your little life play.

There is no universal law that says you have to stay in contact with people that add nothing positive to your life, friends and family included. And sometimes, especially family. Everyone around you is there to teach you something, but if you feel you’ve learned all you can or need to, there is no shame in thanking them for participating in your life up to this point, but you need to move in a different direction now, so hail and farewell.

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As always, I wish you love and light.