Me, Myself And I

Before we move on into some new territory that the guides have been talking about, which is focusing on how to get the most help from your higher self on your journey, they want me to go over the structure of your inner self during your earth incarnations one more time, just for the sake of clarity.

Up until this point, they’ve told us to think of them as spirit guides, then soul guides, then as your higher self when they wanted to present a more complete picture of how the universe truly functions, and to think of them as part of a whole, rather than some supernatural being.

That’s why Jasper baked us his giant 3 layer cake and sliced it down the middle to show us that the layers represented your baser self, or subconscious, your present self, or current incarnation, and your higher self, or soul guide.

I know it can sound a little confusing, so I think it makes it a little easier to think about the 3 parts of yourself as me, myself and I.

I know as a kid, people used to say that in life there were only 3 people you could completely count on to be on your side, and they were me, myself and I. Of course at the time, I had no idea that the 3 were actually separate but intertwined entities, but it points out that the universe is always trying to give us information to help us in our journeys, we just have to be far enough along in that journey to be able to hear it.

Anyway, the “me” in our life scenario would be your baser self, or subconscious, which is the probably the least complex member of the trio. It houses your memories of past lives and holds on to many of the fears you bring forward with you, as well as the ones that get handed to you early in life by your parents and others around you. It has a fear of change that might cause you harm, so it pushes any fears you might have laying around to the forefront when you try to change your life in any meaningful way in an effort to protect you from hurt.

Your baser self also has a way of obstructing the help your guides are trying to give you by reverting to that toddler inside each of us and saying, “me do, mommy, me do”, when we should be letting our higher selves “do”.

The “myself” is your present self, the current incarnation you chose and planned for yourself. It’s the energy in the middle of this sandwich that is learning and growing all the time and trying to make sense of the messages it’s getting from both sides.

And, last but certainly not least, though as Jasper says, usually the last one listened to, is the “I”, your higher self, or soul guide. Your higher self might even be considered the most authentic part of you because it contains the 90% of you that gets left behind on the other side, and is not infected with all the negative computer viruses that plague our puny human minds while we’re here on the earth plane.

All together, me, myself and I make up the whole of you. Each is important in it’s own way, and all are absolutely vital to the successful living out of an earth life.

If it takes some time to really think about this information, and get it straight in your head, don’t be concerned. It takes everyone some time to figure it out, because it contradicts the things we have been taught to believe our whole lives, and as I said, our baser self hates change because it doesn’t have a protective response readily available for scenarios it hasn’t encountered.

So take all the time you need! One of the hardest things I am still trying to learn is that time as we understand it in this dimension doesn’t exist on the other side, so our helpers over there can’t understand our obsession with having things happen in a certain order, or in a certain time frame.

But that’s the lead-in for the things we’re going to be talking about over the next few blogs, so tune in! You won’t want to miss it!

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Love and light ’til then.