The Bodyguards And The Howler Monkey

A little while ago, if you recall, Jasper showed up as a chef with a big ol’ layer cake and sliced it down the middle to show us it had three layers all joined together with yummy buttercream frosting.

He was using the cake to illustrate how our earth lives are arranged with regard to our guides, with our present self being the middle layer, our higher self, or guides, being the top layer, and our baser self, or subconscious, being the bottom layer, all stuck together to make one delicious dessert.

Since my human mind is so puny, according to Mr. J, he likes to give me as many examples of what he is trying to teach me as possible, hoping that something will resonate and give me an “a-ha” moment.

I thought I could smell what he was cooking with the cake analogy, but as usual, I didn’t have the whole picture. So he went to his default setting and pulled out a movie clip.

This time, it was The Bodyguard, from the 1980’s with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. He was dying to put on an evening gown and be Whitney, but in this instance he had to be Kevin, because the role of our guides is to lead the way through the crowd, and also follow us through the crowd in the role of our subconscious to keep us safe. He said if you have problems picturing Kevin being in two places at once, then it’s allowable to see Dwayne Johnson as the bodyguard bringing up the rear, hence my homage to The Rock in the last paragraph.

Our jobs, our only jobs, are to let the bodyguards know where we want to go, and then stay in line and let them lead us there.

The problems begin when we start to doubt and question how our guides are getting us where we want to go. If it feels to us like we’re going in the wrong direction, or it’s taking too long to get what we want, we start wandering off to the side like monkeys and then our guides have to waste time going to look for us, and bringing us back to our place in line between them.

As you may or may not know, Jasper loves to make lists of the levels of human actions that annoy him, as he did with human awareness of their spirituality, so he came up with a new one to measure the amount of energy and time that our guides have to waste to get us back into Whitney position.

When we’re acting nice and staying where we should be, we are like Whitney. When we start¬† to get a little off course, we’re like howler monkeys. When we get a lot off course, we’re like screeching howler monkeys. When we go completely off the rails, we’re like screeching howler monkeys with our hair on fire.

The more out of line we get, the longer it takes our guides to find us and calm us down, and the longer and more complicated the path to our goals becomes.

It doesn’t take a great deal of introspection, at least it didn’t for me, to remember a few times in your life when you went into full-blown, level 10 screeching howler monkey with it’s hair on fire mode, so think about what might have triggered that and resolve to never let yourself do that again.

Always remember when it comes to working with your guides, the rule is ABT. Allow that they are there to help you, believe that they are there to help you, and trust that they are there to help you, and they will.

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Love and light ’til next time.