The Greatest Gift (I Ever Gave Myself)

It’s the holiday season, which includes the end of another year, and the beginning of a new one, so it’s a good time to think back over the last 12 months and ponder the next 12.

When you’re living your day-to-day life, it seems like nothing special is happening, because your wrapped up in living it. But when you take time to actually look back at everything that transpired, you think, “holy shit, I went through a lot of stuff”.

For me personally, I published 2 more books, was on my first podcast, did my first book signing, took over management of my social media, and learned so many things about moving forward in my spiritual journey that it’s going to take at least 2 more books to share it all!

The key thing is, I can see continued growth in my belief, faith and trust in my higher self, Jasper, and I am reaping the benefits of doing that by feeling more connected to him and in control of my life all the time.

So I can truly say the greatest gift I ever gave myself was letting him come into my puny human mind and push and shove my doubt and disbelief out of the way until he had room to make a permanent space for himself. It wasn’t easy for either of us, but somehow we have made it happen, and the fun never stops.

Looking ahead, 2019 is going to be a year of tremendous growth and change. I’m going to be publishing those 2 more books I mentioned, as well as increasing my online presence. This blog will continue, and my other blog, The Jasperland Diaries, is going to be revamped to be more Jasper-centric, and less of me droning on about how we connected.

I’m working on starting a podcast, which he has already named Jasper’s World, that will let me talk with some of the people that have been part of this journey with me, most especially Barb Ruhl, my psychic friend that first opened me up to Jasper’s presence. He, of course, wants it to be like Wayne’s World, and it may be, who knows? If nothing else, I’ve learned to let it go, and let it flow!

About 2 weeks ago, in a session with Barb, Jasper, and her guide Ella, gave us an end of year challenge to spend 21 days shoring up our belief, faith and trust in them, because scientists say if you do something for 21 days straight it becomes a habit, so both of us, and some of Barb’s group are doing it, and journaling it all. It will definitely be a part of my first book of the new year, because so far it’s working great, and I think that those of us taking this action will be ready to make that next big leap to a higher plane of spirituality in the new year.

So that’s it. I feel great about having Jasper in my life, even though he sometimes can be a pain in the ass, and I want everyone else to feel great about connecting with their higher selves. To that end I encourage you to buy my books, (shameless plug), available on my website, and go to Barb’s website,, and enroll in her Power of Self program. Start the new year with a new outlook on life!

Want to learn more about my spiritual journey with Jasper? Go to my blog page at

As always, I wish you love and light.

Happy Holidays.