The Second Part of Supernatural is Natural

I think one of the biggest issues people have with discussing or even thinking about spirituality, especially their own, is getting caught up in what might be referred to as the “woo-woo” stuff.

I know these scientific terms can be confusing, so let me explain.

Woo-woo stuff covers a lot of territory, but it essentially includes anything and everything that people see as weird or outside the realm of “normal” behavior in regards to their belief system, and since what I write about is spirituality, a lot of people think my ideas and beliefs definitely are at least woo-woo adjacent.

I guess at some point in my life, I considered being in contact with spirit guides and dead people to be woo-woo stuff as well, but since I’ve allowed it to become my new normal, it’s hard to remember what it was like to have to live without that direct contact with not only the rest of myself, but with the larger universe we all live in.

And I guess a lot of people share my old belief system. That’s how all things spiritual that are not contained in the organized religion canon of how the universe functions get shoved into the woo-woo category.

It’s ok to have contact with dead people as long as the church has named them a saint or something, but not if it’s just your grandma letting you know she is still watching over you and wants to send you unconditional love from the other side.

Organized religion also thinks it’s really great if the dead person you contact is scary and wants to kill or possess you, because then it can reinforce the whole devil/demon illusion that it uses to frighten people away from actually thinking about the things they’ve been taught to believe. That way they keep the masses coming to church and bringing their money with them. And as a side benefit, clergy can pick up a few bucks performing unnecessary exorcisms.

Excuse me for speaking bluntly, but as one who wasted a lot of years being held spiritually hostage by organized religion, I sometimes get bitter.

But as Wayne Dyer wrote, everything is a learning experience, and you either get better or you get bitter. Your choice.

So I decided a few years ago to get better, learn from my past, and move on. And once I was able to reconnect with Jasper, my higher self, my spiritual growth took off.

Speaking of Jasper, he recently informed me that when we’re in our human state, we all go through five levels of awareness when we’re working toward a greater understanding of ourselves and how everything really functions, and they are:

  1. Trapped in organized religion stage.
  2. DKDC. Don’t know, don’t care to learn anything new stage.
  3. I’ve heard about it. It’s all BS stage.
  4. Spirit curious stage.
  5. Sandy/ Danny stage. Tell me more, tell me more.

There is no judgement attached to any of this. It’s all a process, and some people choose to go through it and grow spiritually. Some are perfectly happy with staying where they are. Again, your choice.

My hope would be that with all the resources available on the interweb you would give some woo-woo stuff a try and see if any of it makes sense to you.

Trust me, if you don’t do it in this life, you’ll be doing it in your next one!

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As always, I wish you love and light.