Time To Marie Kondo Your Spiritual Life

“Tidying Up” Your Spiritual Life

If you’ve been out of touch and haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, she is an author and self professed “tidying up” expert whose idea of decluttering your life by paring down your personal belongings has struck a chord with many people.

Her method, in short, is to pick a closet or room in your house, take everything in it and put it in a pile in the middle of the floor, and then examine each item and decide if it is bringing joy to your life or not. If it isn’t, then you’re supposed to honor it for what it brought in it’s time by thanking it, and then donate it to charity.

The idea has it’s share of naysayers, especially those who are fans of vintage clothing, but I think overall it makes sense, and many of us have been doing it and calling it spring cleaning for years.

My twist on the concept is to use Marie’s idea to rid yourself of all the old beliefs and programs that are cluttering your spiritual life and holding you back in your spiritual advancement.

It’s probably going to take a lot more time and effort to do this than it would to clean out your closet, but it is going to worth it in the end.

Start by realistically thinking about where you are in a spiritual sense. Are you ensconced in organized religion and happy with everything you believe? If you are, that’s ok. If it’s working for you, stick with it for now.

But if you are having doubts about things you are required to believe, and aren’t comfortable with the rituals you are required to participate in, then it may be time to examine what you believe and why you believe it.

For me personally, being raised in a mainline Protestant church, it took a while to examine what I was taught to believe and then decide if it held up under the cold light of day of the new things I was learning about how the universe really works. It turns out that even though there was a lot of lip service given to something called unconditional love, so many conditions were attached to the receiving of it that it created nothing but fear at it’s core.

With the help of many teachers, earth bound and otherwise, I was able to extricate myself from my old, fear-based beliefs, and embark on this amazing spiritual journey that is bringing so much love and light into my formerly dark and dreary life. And you can do the same!

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As always, I wish you love and light.