Who Doesn’t Love A Good Challenge?

Last time, I wrote about the 21 day challenge that had been given me by Jasper to get me spiritually ready for the new year, and also all the new and wonderful things that would be happening. I shared that the word for day 12 was redemption, but I thought it might be good for all of us if I went back and reviewed some of the other words he gave me to contemplate.

So let’s start on day 7, when the word was reflection. Days 1 through 6 were all about me finally dealing with a lot of guilt and fear, mostly guilt, that I had deluded myself into thinking I had already dealt with. With some help and coaching from Jasper, I managed to clear out a big ol’ trunk of crap that he managed to produce and find the key for. The biggest takeaway from that first week was realizing that feeling guilty for being human and being who you are is a really, really stupid way to live.

Back to our word of the day, reflection. Jasper says think of a time in your life when you made a very bad decision to do something that would have not made your path forward any easier. In fact, it might have made your situation much worse, and when you didn’t do what you were planning to do, you were relieved, and thought to yourself that you had dodged that bullet.

Even though you may not have known about your guides at the time, or maybe weren’t fully connected with them, Jasper says they were no doubt on the other side pushing back against your bad decision with both hands and hoping you would realize the mistake you were making and not go there.

Other times when you made some stupid but non-catastrophic decision, they may have tried to get you to change direction, but if you didn’t they would let you take your little side trip to learn what you needed to, then be there to help guide you back to your path.

The reflecting we all need to do is to review our lives up to this point and see where these things came into play, and realize how our guides were with us to help us keep moving forward in our journeys, whether we knew it or not.

So now that you know they are there, and can access them at any and all times, imagine what they can do for you! All it takes is belief, faith and trust in them, which is not always easy, but more than worth the effort.

Just always remember Jasper’s favorite little haiku: connection brings all good things!

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As always, love and light.