You Be Chewy, I’ll be Han

I might never be as tech savvy as the millennial crowd, but I have one thing that they all envy, and that is that I got to see all the original Star Wars movies in the theater when they were first released. And I’m not quite old enough to have forgotten how amazing and cool they were at the time.

I didn’t know it then, but The Force has quite a bit in common with being connected to your higher self, or soul guide. And I shouldn’t even have to tell you by now that Jasper popped in dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobe.

He says in my life, he actually is Obi-Wan, because he holds all the wisdom of the universe, and often times he is my only hope.

Have I mentioned recently he kept the lion’s share of the self esteem on his side for this incarnation?

But putting his gigantic ego aside, our higher selves do have they ability to give us hope, because if we tune into and listen to them, they will help us and guide our lives in a positive direction, the one we planned for ourselves before we incarnated this time.

Will we ever be able to raise an X-wing out of a swamp using our minds? Who knows? I’ve seen and heard so many things I never thought would be possible that I don’t rule anything out. I guess first someone has to invent a real X-wing to be able to test the theory, but if a grumpy old man like me can turn his life around by becoming more connected to his higher self, it could happen.

The question becomes, when you are reconnected to your guide, or higher self, who is going to fly the Millenium Falcon of your life, and who is going to be the navigator?

Here is where I can finally take one from Jasper, because he has said repeatedly that it is the guides’ job to show us the easiest way forward, and it is our job to steer in the direction they point, so he has to be Chewy, and I get to be Han in this particular analogy. After all, that has to be the best combination, because together they made the Kessel run in 12 parsecs.

He says he’s not upset at having to be Chewy, because as a great character actor, he is there to make the star of the piece look good, which is what he does for me on a daily basis anyway.

I knew he would find a way to come out on top! He always does.

Anyway, all of us and our higher selves can count ourselves among the greatest duos in history: me and Jasper, Chewy and Han, Robin Hood and Friar Tuck, Butch and Sundance, and most especially, you and your soul guide. Learn to connect with them and use them to advance to where you want to be spiritually.

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Love and light ’til next time.